In this report I will be writing briefly about my internship in Italy in the little city of “Bucchianico” ; Where I have spent the last one year of my life. I arrived there to start a Digital media internship at “Boutique del Fiore”. My job was to create creative content for the company, help create an online platform and maybe eventually become part of its team.

Italy is such a beautiful place to be. The moment I landed, it came to my understanding that people there don’t speak that much of the English language even the young ones. which was quite a challenge, but thankfully my boss and my colleagues do. I was offered great help by them to navigate my way through places, people, things and even events sometimes. I was blown away by how little I know about the culture, the food, the weather, and the traditions. Now that I think about it, it seems that most of my information came out of TV and stereotypes that doesn’t really apply to how life is in Italy.

In my short stay I managed to learn few things. Lets start with a little bit of Italian, advanced culinary tricks, how medium businesses in Italy operates, definitely pro designer tips from my boss and many things about flowers.

During my internship I participated in the monthly meetings at the company, worked with the Executive Director and the staff of all departments to prepare for events as a designer and photographer, and develop promotional materials. I also worked on simple tasks such as designing a basic database to track visitors and members, writing materials for the web site and communicating with clients.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the results of my internship. I was able to use my knowledge and apply it to a real organization. I was able to see some differences in functioning that resulted from my efforts. Due to the character of the internship and the short time period spent at the company, long-term recommendation would require more work and time, but I took this experience as an opportunity to provide the company with some advanced ideas I learned while a student in the Digital media program at the University of Arts in Bremen.