As a space engineering student at the University of Bremen, I undertook an Erasmus internship at Redwire Space Europe in Luxembourg, specializing in space robotics. This journey was a perfect blend of my academic studies and career goals. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a challenging yet enriching professional and cultural environment.

Professional Development:
During my time at Redwire Space Europe, I was engaged in various aspects of interfacing, testing and developing high quality robotics software. My primary responsibilities included coding, testing, and contributing to the design of control robotic software and testing on real hardware.

I also benefited from the mentorship and guidance of experienced professionals. This exposure not only deepened my understanding of software robotics but also provided insights into the broader space technology sector. Networking with experts in my field, I developed a professional network that I anticipate will be beneficial in my future career. I had a great time with the team, and since we are an international team, we also organized potlucks. Below are some photos showcasing my work experience and the parties with my office colleagues.

Cultural Experience in Luxembourg:
Living in Luxembourg presented a unique cultural experience. The country’s blend of French, German, and Luxembourgish influences offered a rich tapestry of cultural immersion. I was able to interact with a diverse community, which enhanced my understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

Language was another significant aspect of my cultural experience. In a multilingual environment where Luxembourgish, French, German, and English are widely spoken, I had the opportunity to improve my existing language skills and was encouraged to learn new ones.

The lifestyle in Luxembourg, characterized by its high quality of life and picturesque settings, contributed significantly to my overall experience. It provided a comfortable and stimulating environment to live and work in. During my stay, I also had the opportunity to visit monumental historical sites, immerse myself in cultural festivals, and explore the breathtaking natural landscapes of the region.

Life After the Work:
Beyond work, I engaged in various sports activities like basketball, badminton, and table tennis, rekindling my passion for these sports. I also rediscovered my interest in chess, enjoying the strategic complexity and mental challenge it offers. Weekends were a time for exploration and relaxation; I visited historical sites and natural wonders, indulging in the rich cultural and scenic beauty of Luxembourg. These pursuits allowed me to unwind and maintain a balanced lifestyle, enjoying my hobbies and the vibrant culture around me.

Challenges & Learning:
The adjustment phase involved coping with a new language, different work ethics, and cultural norms. However, these challenges were integral to my learning experience. They pushed me to develop new skills and adapt in ways I hadn’t anticipated.

Life After the Internship:
Reflecting on my Erasmus internship, I believe it has positively shaped my career trajectory. The experience has not only made me a more attractive candidate for future employers but has also given me a clearer understanding of my career aspirations and personal strengths. This experience has been instrumental in shaping my professional identity and personal growth.

In conclusion, my Erasmus internship at Redwire Space Europe in Luxembourg was a transformative chapter in my life. It provided a perfect amalgamation of professional development, cultural exposure, and personal growth.