• 10.12.2021: „Co-Crafting the Social“: Ein Workshop mit Dr. Heath Cabot (University of Pennsylvania) für Master Studierende und Doktorand*innen. 

Leider muss der Workshop auf Grund der aktuellen Lage der Infektionszahlen ins neue Jahr verschoben werden. Sie werden informiert sobald ein neuer Termin feststeht.

Wann?  Am 10.12.2021 von 10-14 Uhr

Anmeldung bitte unter: binkofan@uni-bremen.de (die Plätze sind begrenzt). Für die Anmeldung bitte eine kurze Zusammenfassung Ihrer Person geben (ca. 1-2 Sätze: Wer sind Sie? Warum ist der Workshop relevant für Sie?). Falls es in Ihrer Arbeit/Forschung ebenfalls um ‚Solidarität‘ geht, verweisen Sie bitte bei Ihrer Anmeldung darauf.

Der Workshop wird in Präsenz stattfinden.

This seminar will center on the analytical activities that research participants themselves engage in as co-theoreticians of collective life who seek to intervene in, and craft, the social. Readings (from my in-process/ draft book) consider how solidarity volunteers in Greece attempt to imbue medicines with the power to activate and reinvigorate social life. Solidarity work—not unlike anthropology—entails theorizing, navigating and crafting social orders (Gershon 2019). An underlying concern of the seminar, then, is how to balance the worlds of meaning in which research participants engage (the descriptive thrust of anthropology) with a commitment to addressing, and analyzing, structural inequities. Often framed as an inherent tension between an interpretive (I.E. Geertzian) approach vs. an attention political economy,  these commitments (I suggest) are in fact complementary. To take seriously “social” life means to unpack the theories and techniques through which it is perpetually crafted, worked on, and brought into being.

Heath Cabot (PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz 2010) teaches anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh. She is interested in the question of what it means to flourish, and what enables – and precludes – flourishing. She has conducted research in Greece since 2004 on displacement, human rights and humanitarianism, exclusion and racialization, and more recently health, healing, and solidarity. She is the author of On the Doorstep of Europe: Asylum and Citizenship in Greece (University of Pennsylvania Press 2014) and is currently completing a second monograph on grassroots healthcare activism in Greece.