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The Story of Giant Libraries Made of Ice

About Ice Cores Part I

by Hanna Sophie Knahl

A transforming icy library slowly descending towards the valley. Glacier in the northeast of Greenland. Photo: Jan Rohde

On earth there is a lot of ice and snow and not only in winter – at least at the moment. At the poles there are huge sheets of ice and in between exist many smaller and larger glaciers on high mountains. Stories are preserved in the ice. Stories from long ago. How this happened and how these stories can be brought to the surface, we will learn in this article.

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An integrated approach to improve optical measurement systems

by Jan Yorrick Dietrich

Figure 1: Four dimensions of a nice vehicle. The red volume might be a formula one car while the green volume might represent a rally car.

Have you ever asked yourself why you cannot have a vehicle that is as fast as a rocket, as agile as a formula one car and as robust as a monster truck at the same time? The rocket might be lightning fast, though it will probably fail on tight bends. The formula one car may be quite fast and agile, though it will probably break down quite fast if not carefully driven on asphalt. Well, and a monster truck might be very robust, though it may be slow in comparison. In many fields of research, scientists encounter the same issues as described above. Every new development comes with certain downsides. If you try to satisfy every need, you might get a Jack of all trades, master of none.

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