“MINT Together in Dialogue – New Ways in Science Communication” was the challenge of Club MINT – an initiative of The Stifterverband in Germany.

We took on this challenge – with success:

Our ScienceBlog came in 3rd place and will in future be able to proudly display the title ‘excellent’ and the MINTchallenge logo. In addition, it will be listed as a ‘best practice’ example of good science communication on the Club MINT website.

The ScienceBlog presents challenging research topics of the University of Bremen in generally understandable and entertaining articles.

Our interdisciplinary editorial team combines a fascination for science and a love of writing. We look behind closed laboratory and institute doors for you.

In addition to the classic natural and engineering sciences, mathematics and computer science, there are also contributions on topics in climate, neuroscience, health and material sciences. You are warmly invited to browse!

You may discover completely new areas and be surprised how well you can follow the explanations of complex issues. We design our contributions in a multimedia and creative way so that you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing.

The ScienceBlog platform is open to all members of the university. We as the editorial team are always happy to welcome new members and guest authors, whom we support from the initial idea to the published article. Report on your projects and give your STEM discipline a personal voice!


With the 2000 euros prize money, we as an editorial team would like to participate in the Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation and gather further inspiration there.

So that you can also get to know us personally, we also want to organise an open anniversary writing night, because ScienceBlog celebrates its fifth anniversary in autumn.

So 2021 is our year to take off!

You can look forward to it! We have enough ideas: the next step will be a podcast series, the ScienceBlogcast.

Announcements can be found here on our website.


See you soon!

Your ScienceBlog editorial team


Contact for questions about the MINTchallenge:

Ronja Gronemeyer


The MINTchallenge: https://club-mint.org/mintchallenges/

Contact the editors of the Science Blog: sciblog@uni-bremen.de