#AlleFür1Komma5 #AllFor1Comma5

19.03.2021 is the day of the seventh global climate strike! Due to the Corona pandemic, this time there won’t be crowds of tens of thousands filling the streets of Bremen to demonstrate for an enforced climate policy. Nevertheless, the climate crisis has lost none of its dramatics – on the contrary.

As a science blog, we deal with science. Science is controversial, theories are created, tested, confirmed, refuted or adapted. The ONE scientific opinion on a topic usually does not exist. We notice this in the Corona Crisis as well. This can be exhausting, but it is the only way to get closest to the truth. Scientists do not agree on all aspects of the climate crisis either – that is quite normal, but there is one point on which a frightening number, namely (almost) all of them, agree: the current climate change is man-made and could seriously change the climate and thus life on earth. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gives concrete figures. If global average warming is limited to 1.5°C, the consequences should remain “manageable.” If warming exceeds 1.5°C, tipping points in the climate system could be reached, the consequences of which would be severe – including for the lives of people on this planet. These consequences cannot yet be predicted in detail. However, this is also not necessary in order to be able to recognize that this 1.5°C should not be exceeded. Already now, there are people who are affected by serious consequences of the climate crisis. We are siding with the climate justice movement especially also in solidarity with them:


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