With the Science Blog, we want to inform you about the STEM area at the University of Bremen and give you exciting insights into different research areas.

If you are particularly interested in an area or are looking for more information on research and studies, then take a look at the websites of the STEM faculties:

Faculty 01 – Physics/Electrical Engineering – Department 1 deals with sustainable energy supply, Industry 4.0, bio- and environmental physics, microsensors and high-frequency technology.

Faculty 02 – Biology/Chemistry – Department 2 conducts research on physical and organic chemistry, crystallography, islet cells, marine biology, neurobiology, nature conservation and much more.

Faculty 03 – Mathematics/Computer Science – Faculty 3 works in particular on artificial intelligence, robotics, digital media, statistics, biometrics, techno-mathematics and data management.

Faculty 04 – Production Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Process Engineering – Faculty 4 is concerned with the development and design of production systems and materials as well as space technology, industrial engineering and vocational training.

Faculty 05 – Earth Sciences – Department 5 conducts research on climate and ocean dynamics, geomaterials, marine geology, geophysics and sea level and climate change.


Other STEM events:

Many STEM topics and research areas are not or rarely talked about in school. In the school labs or the Children’s University, pupils of different grades can get their first insights into research.

Working people or job seekers who want to further their education can find various offers and modules from several areas of the University of Bremen at LIFE, including computer science, aerospace technology and health and care.

The University of Bremen also offers various further education courses and seminars in the STEM field for teachers. You can find more information here (sorry, only available in german).

You can find even more information about STEM courses on the page of the University of Bremen.