Through Erasmus+ I had the opportunity to live, learn and grow in Iceland for 8 months. From January until September 2018, I interned at the United Nations University Gender Equality Studies and Training Programme (UNU-GEST) in Reykjavik, Iceland. UNU-GEST promotes gender equality and women’s empowerment in developing countries and post-conflict societies through research and education. The primary purpose of my traineeship was to be exposed and involved in the practical application of gender approaches in academia and research.

My tasks and responsibilities during the traineeship were diverse, challenging at times, but always inspiring and interesting. I supported ongoing research projects of the institution, assisted with the administrative process of the post-graduate diploma programme that UNU-GEST offers, got to sit and take part in thought-provoking lectures, meetings, workshops and experienced the daily craziness of a high-profile research centre.

Living in Iceland was an adventure: the winter nights were long and seemed never ending, whilst the bright nights during the summer blurred all distinctions between days and weeks. The nature is breath-taking and so every trip which led me outside the capital was beautiful, fun and thrilling. Reminiscing writing this report, I am grateful I had the opportunity to live in the land of elves and trolls, as Iceland was an important stop in both my professional and personal journey.