I was pretty excited for my first internship abroad in Bremen, Germany. Though, I was a bit uncertain and nervous about how the internship would turn out to be in the two and half months of my stay in Bremen, I was soon to realize that the research stay was one of my most memorable experiences in life. I made a lot of friends and met nice, friendly people in the city. Having experienced the love and hospitality from the people in Bremen, I would definitely like to come back to this city again.

1 The Research experience and life at the University
I had chosen to carry out my research internship at the ZARM, University of Bremen based on my interests in “Multi-phase flow in rocket applications” and desire to experience German culture, food, architecture and landscape. The University of Bremen is an excellent establishment having a good international exposure and modern infrastructure. The faculty as well as the staff in the University are extremely helpful and friendly. Also, as the public transportation is really good in Bremen, it is quite easy to reach the University from anywhere in the city quite easily.

From my very first day at the University, I was provided with all the support and facilities required to carry out my research. I was helped by my research guide whenever I had any query and the whole research experience went quite smoothly for me. The research experience at Bremen taught me about carrying out a research professionally and with a whole new perspective. I was able to learn a lot on carrying out simulations in FLUENT, organizing results, writing a proper research report and giving research presentations. I believe that this is going to help me immensely in my future research endeavours.

The International Office, University of Bremen helped me a lot with getting accustomed to the University life and provided me with necessary assistance when needed. I made a lot of new friends at the University with whom I used to go out for lunch at the Mensa, enjoy weekends and watch football together. The Mensa at the University provides a lot of options for food and dessert. 1The University’s Mensa is located centrally in the campus. I used to go to the Mensa for lunch everyday as I could obtain nice food at student prices. Everyday was fun and exciting at the University and I loved being a part of it’s student community.

2 Life in Germany
I was always intrigued with the German culture, architecture and landscape. So, to be in Germany to experience it on my own was definitely exciting. I went to places like Hamburg, Berlin, Bremerhaven and R¨ugen islands in the weekends, had food at local restaurants and spent time with the locals. The people in Germany were nice, friendly and really helpful. I had lots of memorable experiences to cherish during my stay in Germany and would love to come back to explore and know more about this beautiful country.