1. Internship
My experience with the Erasmus internship was one of the best research experiences I ever had during my academic career. I am being a lawyer always wanted to have an academic career, for which it is very important to have international arbitration experience. For my research internship, I started my search over the time I started with my Ph.D. As my internship was on a voluntary basis, I was intended to search arbitration law bureaus and groups working on the field. Since deciding to pursue a career in law firms and enterprises in the first year of my Ph.D., I have continued with this goal. I was already aware of the fact that arbitration is present not only in public sphere but in Europe after I have worked for universities, and also developed my interest in Cakir Law bureau; I decided to apply. As long as I realized that they accept interns especially Ph.D. field, I directed my specialization to international arbitration law in which is a vital part of Turkey’s legislation and legal harmonization with EU. As an ambitious student, after the visual interview, I have been admitted to the bureau

2. Academic Background
My research work started 2 years ago after I registered as a student at the University of Bremen. I have mainly concentrated working in comparison of International Arbitration and Litigation in which my research is separated into three phases. The first phase includes the confined research of international private arbitration and litigation objectives in general and also an examination of comparative benefits to underpin forum shopping abuses. The second phase of the study includes the collection of relevant legislation, literature review, and case law for comparative research for jurisdiction, named as Turkey and Germany. When conducting a comparative study, international private law, the law of contract and domestic law are accounted. In the third and last phase, the research is developing and analyzing a core thesis for understands the concern of effectiveness in global area and legal policy.

3. Intercultural Experiences
Multicultural profile and extra-curricular activities that the bureau allows its interns are other reasons that I have chosen Cakir Law Bureau. Last year I had a chance to visit the city and I also visited the bureau. I have seen with my own eyes that an arbitration bureau will be a perfect choice for me. As I gained international experience in both workings in firms and volunteering jobs around Europe, specifically in the International procedural law, this internship was perfect for me to improve my legal English.

4. Workload
The work needs communication and organizational skills in the workplace. Interns have to use research techniques from literature searches through database and archives, to analyze and synthesize large volumes of legal statements. Helping house lawyers while representing clients of the international and public field, is fundamental. Therefore, the intern has been assigned for researching and writing articles over legal issues. Task-focused approaching for meeting deadlines while working full-time and as a legal assistant is a significant part of the internship

5. Conclusion
To conclude, I can wholeheartedly say that the experience I have gained would not only help to develop my future carrier but also enlighten the academic patch I am chasing on. The work consists of, drafting international contracts, organizing requests of arbitration, the participation of tribunals and staff meetings and establishing seminars to widen the arbitration on the public sphere. The colleagues I have worked with were willing to help and endorsed me through the first day of my internship. Teamwork stabled the quality of the work as well as the motivation of the staff.

Ultimately, the Erasmus+ internship was a great success in my point of view and is a life-changing experience that I am delighted for being part of it.