Starting from the 15.08.2017 to 14.10.2017 I was doing my internship in ”KoPlac”, one of the growing Czech Company situated in the city of Brno. ”KoPlac” is specialized in the diverse projects starting from IT startups ending with the marketing campaigns. The company has a huge potential in terms of communication, project management as well as the business development. My position in ”KoPlac” was a marketing specialist and I was responsible for diverse marketing and business development activities. During my internship I was assigned with the different tasks: designing and implementing marketing strategies and campaigns, preparation of the important materials, creating a presentation about the company product portfolio as well as developing new business models and managing the whole process of the implementation. I have worked closely with the other team members of the company, international and local partners, helping them with the market research and development of the brands.

Achieved results
One of my assigned projects which I have successfully managed was the project with the name of ”KoPlacement”. The aim of this project was a creation of the new business model which could be used in the local market. I have even led small team consists of three members. For this project, we have created a totally new business model, product portfolio, action plan and done u huge market research. After the end of my internship, we have reached the whole local market and signed 3 contracts. The project is still ongoing and will be continued to manage with the other team members of the company.

Other successful projects were the small market researches for the Armenian market as well as for the Polish market for developing and exploring one of the partner projects of the “KoPlac” (Outdooractive products). For these projects I have analyzed above mentioned markets, with the huge team we have tested already existed products from Outdooractive in the real situation (testing procedure was done in the Dolni Morava), all these actions and conclusions of the analyses helped the team for the further actions.

Skills gained
These two months internship gave my immense knowledge in terms of the diverse markets (Czech, Polish and Armenian). Now I fully understand these two markets (especially Czech market), I know the leading players in the market as well as the customer behaviour. Besides these, I have developed my business thinking skills, enhanced knowledge in marketing, as well as I have learnt to work with the different cultures. I have also participated in the educational training organized by the company, like HRML and WordPress.