1. The company & Tasks
The company is called Unblnd and it is located in Brussels, Belgium. Unblnd is a social meeting app that enables people to connect and socialize based on their personal interests. Unblnd is a startup and the team consists of various cultural backgrounds (But mostly Europeans). Despite the cultural diversity, the teamwork was great. Co-workers were really helpful and possessed a spirit of collaboration. The age of team members is pretty young; in the mid of twenties to the early thirties. Therefore, co-workers were very passionate about developing this startup.

My tasks were managing social media channels and its blog. For the company’s blog, I wrote “Best student cities in Europe”, since our app is also targeting international students who are new in the city. To show up on the top of the google page, the blog contents should have the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) quality. At first, it was a bit hard to create good SEO, but with the advice of co-workers, I used Google Keyword Planners and NeilPatel to search for the best keywords for blog articles. Therefore, our blog articles could reach the best search engine results. For the social media channels, I made online posts for our online meet-up events and blog articles on Instagram and Facebook. Our posts attracted many viewers and helped to promote our app.

Overall, during my internship, we could keep increasing the number of app users and also online event participants. Moreover, this was a great opportunity that I can work on something related to my study practically. I applied my communication knowledge in a professional manner, and also I have learned how to manage good SEO within the blog content and create attractive social media posts. Since the company was a startup, I could have an opportunity to suggest new ideas for business development and execute these plans directly.

2. The living experience in Belgium during Covid-19
I have stayed in Brussels during my internship. Brussels is a multicultural city, which also a lot of students live in. I got the impression that it is a definitely bigger city than Bremen, but also very conveniently connected with trams and subways in every corner of the city. People were speaking Dutch or French. It was a little bit hard to just live with English. The price of groceries is a little bit higher or more or less the same as Germany´s. The price of accommodation was higher than the Bremen ones´. When I arrived in Belgium, the CoVid rules were a bit strict, but after June the rules were getting ease so I could enjoy at least some social life in Brussels.

After working, I could explore several cool bars and restaurants with my colleagues. Brussels also offers various parks and also several historical sites such as Royal Palace and St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, where I visited on weekend and spent time touring. I did not feel isolated in the city. I expected before coming to Brussels that I could be lonely, just focusing on working. However with the lessening Covid rules and historical sites, social activities, I spent a very nice time in Brussels besides working.

3. Conclusion
Erasmus internship was one of the most valuable memories and lessons in my life. I developed practical working skills and teamwork, and also living experience in Brussels was definitely satisfying. Erasmus scholarship helped me financially staying in Brussels comfortably. Brussels became one of my favorite cities in the world. In a professional aspect, I could learn how to work in a multicultural environment as a team and also develop further a startup business. I would definitely recommend experiencing Erasmus internship and also Brussels as for its destination. I am very grateful that I could enjoy and experience this internship and I would like to do one more internship if I can have a chance in the future. I believe that this experience would help me to find a job in this direction of career.