For my internship, I was hosted by CARMABI Foundation in Willemstad, Curacao. The first four months of the internship I conducted coral spawning research dives, helped prepare the research materials for these dives and for the coral experiments and reared larvae of six different coral species. I then conducted laboratory and aquarium experiments to test the roles of potential coral probiotics during larval settlement and juvenile grow-out. Throughout the 6-months of my internship I helped to maintain juvenile coral settlers in the aquarium systems and maintained the laboratory’s liquid nitrogen coral gene bank. Working collaboratively with diverse colleagues and students to conduct a field research project taught me the importance of communication. I also learned to teach new concepts and train others to join the team. Additionally, practical skills I learned included research scuba diving, preparation and maintenance of microbiological glycerol stock cultures, phase contrast microscopy, experimental design, maintenance of aquarium systems, scientific manuscript writing, and all things coral!