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The Bremen Portkeys invite you to play Quadball (Quidditch) this upcoming semester

Still don’t have a sport for the summer semester? Want to try a new outdoor activity, but you don’t know which one?

In this article, we explain why you should give Quadball (also known as Quidditch) a try. With the Bremen Portkeys you will not only find a group of friendly and fun people, but also a safe, sensitive, and inclusive space for any gender or level of play.

What is Quidditch?

As you surely imagine, Quidditch is the sport par excellence of the magical world in the Harry Potter saga. It has a super interesting origin since it is one of the only sports that originated in fiction and transcended to our world. The very first players in the US were actually fans dressed in capes using real brooms. Pure fantasy becoming reality! Then the game evolved because people realized that beyond the magical reference, playing it is a lot of fun and has a very attractive and fast-paced physical component.

By distancing itself from fiction, the performance became a real sport and changed its name to Quadball; the capes were hung and the brooms were exchanged for smaller PVC tubes, but the spirit and the fun stayed there. An official body that set the rules of the game was established: the International Quadball Association (IQA), so the sport took flight. It has grown since the inaugural match in 2005 to be a sport played in over 40 countries, encompassing both small tournaments and big world cups.

In Germany, the sport is regulated through the Deutscher Quadballbund e.V., which is divided into six leagues. The Bremen Portkeys play in the Nord-Liga, with the teams from Kiel, Braunschweig, and Hamburg.

Quadball around the world. Source: IQA.

In two basic aspects, Quidditch is similar to sports that we have always known: it is a high-contact and ball sport. But it is much more than that! Something beautiful is that…

Quadball is a highly inclusive sport

First, in the sense that when you play it (even for the first time), you have the feeling that you already know it. I think this happens not necessarily because you have seen the complete Harry Potter movies, but because it is a sport reminiscent of other ball and contact sports. It includes 3 types of balls, including a Volleyball ball (the Quaffle), with which the offense seeks to score through hoops in the manner of Handball. Meanwhile the defense tackles, like in American football but less aggressive, and use another ball (the Bludger) so the opposing players are immobilized and delayed, like when we played Brennball in school. Finally, the winning ball (the Snitch) is caught with lightness and skill for the game to end.

So if you’ve ever played one of the above, chances are you won’t have any trouble getting comfortable in Quidditch. Even if you still don’t know which position is right for you (Chaser, Beater, Keeper, Seeker, or even the Snitch), it’s very easy to find your place because each of the tasks requires different skills.

Second and most importantly, Quadball is inclusive because it is for ALL genders. It is the mixed gender sport par excellence. Among its rules, it is explicit that in a team on the field (of 7 players) there cannot be more than 4 of the same gender. Therefore, in all its versions it stands out: “We especially welcome those from the LGBTQ+ community and those who identify as trans and/or non-binary.” This is also highly respected in practice and I have confirmed this with the Bremen Portkeys, who were proud to share this article about one of his players. As an extra tip, the space where they play has gender-neutral cabins.

Having fun. Source: The Bremen Portkeys.

Quidditch as part of the Hochschulsport offer

Regardless of your status or age, you can attend training and you will be well received. However, the course will be offered next semester for only 34 euros for students (and 84 euros for external participants). The semester period runs from 03.04.2024 to 03.07.2024, with a weekly training every Wednesday from 18:30 to 20:30 at the ATS Buntentor Stadtwerder. To register you can click on this link.

In my opinion, it is a sport with fewer rules than other similar ones, but very complete and genuinely fun. With “a broom” between your legs or being the Golden Snitch you are guaranteed laughter. I think it’s a great way to relax while moving and let go of stress. Furthermore, the sport is still not as well known in Bremen as it should be, so I feel that there is a possibility to create closer and more relaxed connections with the members.

Now you know, if you are looking for friendship, flexibility in sport, and inclusion, the Portkeys recommend that you consider Quidditch/Quadball as your next option!


IG: @portkeysbremen

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  1. Sandra Vargas
    Sandra Vargas sagte:

    Nunca me imaginé que existiera en la realidad éste deporte mágico que fascinante saber que es real. Gracias por la información


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