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Interview with Michael Borchers of Euflora

Michael Borchers is the founder and lead of Euflora, a Bremen-based company offering the unique service of plant leasing through well-thought-out, sustainable, and individual greening concepts that add value to every environment. I sat with Michael to know more about how he brought Euflora to life, his vision for the company, and how he copes with the challenges of being a small business entrepreneur in our city.


Is it good to have plants in the bedroom? Not only is it completely safe to sleep in a room with plants, but also some plants can help to regulate humidity and purify the air, filtering out toxins and allergens, and releasing oxygen. They can also boost your mood and help you sleep better, plus they are a not so expensive way to upgrade your deco and make a personality statement. Here you’ll find a list of 10 amazing bedroom plants that you can fall in love with.