MA thesis & colloq.

–> Supervision

After the second year students need to select one of three profile areas in which they will write their MA dissertation. Accordingly, a supervisor should be contacted before or early in the 3rd semester because students are advised to register for the research colloquium with the supervisor of their choice. You can access a list of possible supervisors here.

–> Module “MaThe” (MA thesis) (§6, (1) exam regulations)

The “MaThe” module (30 CP) consists of the thesis itself (27 CP), including a colloquium and an accompanying (ungraded) seminar in the semester you write the thesis (“research seminar/colloquium”, 3 CP). The time required to complete the thesis is 21 weeks. The examination board may approve a one-time extension of a maximum of 7 weeks upon justified application. The thesis is written as an individual work in English.

Requirements to register your thesis with the exam office (“Zentrales Prüfungsamt”, ZPA) (§6, (2) exam regulations)

  • proof of at least 60 CP with the following modules completed:
    – Orientation Module
    – Using English in the Professional World
    – Supplementary Studies Module
    – Extension Module 1
    – Extension Module 2.

–> MA colloquium (§6, (6) exam regulations)

A colloquium shall be held for the master’s thesis. A joint grade is calculated for the thesis and the colloquium. The thesis is included with 80% and the colloquium with 20% in the joint module grade.