Academic Work Experience 1 & 2

Some general information and a short list of FAQs can be found below. You can download a new form to have a faculty member confirm your (in-house) activities (such as helping in the organisation of workshops or conferences). For external activities please make sure to obtain a signed and stamped certificate that details a) the specific activities you carried out, b) the number of working hours you spent (for the individual activities and in total; this is needed to calculate the number of CP that can be awarded), and c) that all the activities were carried out in English.


Please make sure to submit all of the required documentation for both AWE1 and AWE2 using the correct form (see above) and in one portfolio, preferably by sending it by post to my university address or as one .pdf-file by e-mail. I can and will no longer accept image files and single documents sent one by one in a handful of e-mails. Please make sure to submit everything in a readable and orderly manner. Thank you!

Best wishes

Marcus Callies



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