Colloqium “Innovation in Higher Education: E-Learning & digital tools as commodity and/or change agent?”

Colloquium on June, 5th (Friday) from 10:00-13:00 with Prof. Gerhard Fischer (University of Boulder, USA) at University Bremen:
„Innovation in Higher Education: E-Learning & digital tools as commodity and/or change agent?“

Digital tools have deeply entangled the practices of learning and teaching in higher education. Institutions, teachers and students develop their own approaches to enhance teaching and learning by using digital and mobile ways of communication and collaboration. In this colloquium we will discuss the question, if digital tools in teaching and learning (aka E-Learning) have reached a commodity status (a necessary, but passive infrastructure such as plumbing) or transform the possibilities of teaching and learning in an academic setting?

The format of the colloquium will be split in three parts.

Trajectories | We will present three or four short inputs on this question (60 minutes total)

Gerhard Fischer (University of Boulder, USA) | Rich Learning Landscapes – Rethinking and Reinventing Learning, Teaching, and Educational Institutions in the 21st Century

Karsten D. Wolf (University of Bremen) | Hybrid CoLearnSpaces – What does the digital future hold for innovating research based learning?

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Santa Claus is coming | Group work (60 minutes total)

In small groups of 4-5 people we will develop future dream teaching scenarios based on digital tools and services – unrestricted by budget considerations. Each group prepares a highly visual map of their scenario(s) which will be presented and video-taped. We will collect common ideas from the groups’ scenarios.

The armchair strategist | Group interview (60 minutes total)

We will present major points of top research universities’ e-learning strategies and discuss and rate them with the participants according to their impact of improvement and innovation in teaching. The outcome will be a list of three strategic goals the group thinks are the most important ones for the next five years. (see this issue of ZfHE)

The colloquium will be held

ZMML (Zentrum für Multimedia in der Lehre)
Universität Bremen
Klagenfurter Straße 2 (FZB building)
28359 Bremen

June, 5th (Friday)
10:00 (s.t.!) – 13:00

This colloquium is free of charge but seating is limited. We kindly ask you to drop us an email ( if you plan to attend.

Karsten D. Wolf (University of Bremen)
Gerhard Fischer (University of Boulder, USA)
Heidi Schelhowe (University of Bremen)

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