RRI Toolbox

RRI Toolbox

Background of the RRI toolbox

Within the framework of the EU-project Starbios2-Structural Transformation to Sustainable BIOSciences-the idea of a RRI Toolbox has emerged. First, the idea of a Gender Toolbox of the Fraunhofer Institute was taken up and then extended to include the further RRI dimensions „Societal Engagement“, „Education“, „Ethics“ and „Open Access“. The toolbox provides a compact overview of measures and practical examples of the University of Bremen regarding the individual RRI dimensions, as well as general information.

Gender Toolbox

General Information

Gender at University of Bremen:

Gender Conscious Organizational Culture

  • Diversity Strategy of the University of Bremen (only in german): The Diversity Strategy serves as a guideline for a dynamic understanding of diversity at the University of Bremen and its anchoring in research, teaching and administration.
  • Central Women’s Representative (only in german): The central Women’s Representatives of the University of Bremen advises and supports the university management in the implementation of the legal mandate of women’s promotion and gender equality according to the BremHG. Its goal is to identify and eliminate inequalities between the sexes at the University of Bremen in cooperation with relevant university political actors and to achieve more gender equality in the science system.
  • Decentralized Women’s Representative (only in german): The decentralized Women’s Representatives contribute to a large extent to the legal mandate of promoting women and gender equality. University professors, academic staff and students will find advice and support from the Women’s Representatives of their department if they are disadvantaged.

Compatibility of Private and Professional Life

Career promotion of women


Gender conscious research

Visibility of women in science

Ethics Toolbox

General Information


Animal Experimentation

Ethics at the University of Bremen

Scientific writing at the University of Bremen

  • Guide to write a Bachelor Thesis in FB02 (only German): The aim of the present guideline is to give students of Department 2 (Biology / Chemistry) at the University of Bremen information and assistance in writing their bachelor theses.
  • Offers of the „Studierwerkstatt“ (only in german): Here you will receive the interdisciplinary tools that will bring you safely through your studies – from the introductory course to the master’s thesis. As a central institution of the university we support you with techniques and methods for the following main topics: Scientific work and writing, study organization and exam preparation, learning at the university, communication between moderation and presentation.
  • Offers the „MINT-Schreibwerkstatt“

Societal Engagement Toolbox

Technology Transfer

Society meets Science

Science Communications

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