Societal Engagement

Commitment to Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) includes the following dimensions:

Strengthening and Expanding Participation in Research & Innovation

Lead to new and profitable partnerships

Guarantee a transdisciplinary approach

Advocate collaborative decision-making and shared responsibility

The aim of the STARBIOS2 project is to analyze the aspects of social participation in life science research projects, to identify best practice projects and to develop a reflection tool for the identification of SE. The results should be incorporated into the development of the RRI mission statement.

About Societal Engagement and Technology Transfer:

Transfer Strategy of the University of Bremen

UniTransfer yearbook 2014

The blog post on the Starbios-EU website can be found here: Societal Engagement in Biosciences

Starbios2 training blocks

The workshop „Research with and for the society – from the beginning?“ is expected to take place in February 2018.