The consideration of ethical aspects in science is an essential part of responsible research. Moral considerations must be continually incorporated in the selection of research topics and in the conduct of research and innovation. For example, academic ethics deals with the following questions:

Should everything that is possible in science be explored?

To what extent do scientists bear responsibility for the application of their research results?

The ethical aspects relate to ethical standards within science, research integrity. This refers to the guarantee of responsible research through correct procedures, such as honesty, no data manipulation, avoidance of plagiarism or other academic misconduct. On the other hand, the ethical aspects also relate to the social impact of the research process. High ethical standards are intended to ensure the social relevance of research and innovation as well as their social acceptance.

The aim of the STARBIOS2 project is to raise awareness of ethical issues in the field2. A first workshop on „Ethics in Science Communication“ has already been carried out. The evaluation results of the workshop can be found here. A further goal is the further development and adaptation of existing ethical guidelines in the department as well as the inclusion of ethical aspects in the mission statement of the department2.

You can find our blog post on ethics published on the STARBIOS2 EU website here.