Discover Your potential Future: A Look Back at PRAXIS Summer Camp 2023

Your Key Benefits in an Overview

Earn Credit Points

Earn six credit points through your participation at the Praxis Summer Camp. Use this chance to ease your study schedule and simultaneously acquire practical experience without the need for an extra course.

Real-World Experience

Gain invaluable practical experience through direct involvement in real projects. Expand your skills and build a professional network while learning to apply theory in practice.

No exam stress

Benefit from participating in the Praxis Summer Camp outside of exam periods. This allows you to fully focus on learning new skills and networking with professionals, free from the pressure and stress of exam seasons.

Lots of different projects

Discover the wide range of projects offered by up to 30 leading companies. Seize the opportunity to work on real challenges and gain valuable insights into various industries and business models.

Superior to Any Internship

Dive into tasks that are more engaging than those found in ordinary internships. At the Praxis Summer Camp, you are tasked with devising creative solutions and directly contributing as an equal in company projects, so there are no basic assistant tasks.


Boost your career

Earn a valuable testimonial for your resume, verifying your skills and engagement at the Praxis Summer Camp. This credential distinguishes you from other job seekers and highlights your practical experience and initiative to potential employers.

Be part of the PRAXIS Summer Camp

The first application deadline has passed and the first teams have been formed. Would you still like to take part and apply for the remaining places? Then be quick, because the last application deadline is June 2, 2024

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Your Path through Praxis Summer Camp 2024





Companies submit projects

End of student application phase

Projects are assigned to students

Kick-Off and start of the project phase

Firms from different sectors, including major corporations and innovative startups, submit their projects. This provides you as a student with a broad selection of practical challenges and genuine business scenarios.

Afterward, you have the chance as a student to apply for the submitted projects. Pick the project that fits your interests and career objectives best from a multitude of tasks and industries.


After the application phase, the projects are assigned to the students. Every effort is made to allocate each student their desired project, ensuring an optimal match between participants’ interests and project requirements.

Finally, the actual event starts with the Kick-Off, marking the beginning of the project phase for you. Here, you actively engage in the assigned projects, applying theoretical knowledge into practice, and gathering valuable experiences in your chosen industry.