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[best-blu consulting] Creation of an image brochure

best-blu consulting with energy GmbH - Camunda

Creation of an image brochure about the values and culture of best-blu: what makes us different and how this put into practice.

[BIS] Analysis of potential for sustainability start-ups

Bremerhavener Gesellschaft für Investitionsförderung und Stadtentwicklung  mbH – NAGUT

Identification of the potential in Bremerhaven for new business start-ups in the area of sustainability.

[CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA] Concept of CEWE photo trainer

Datei:CEWE logo.svg – Wikipedia

In photography, there are many criteria that can make a beautiful photo. With the CEWE Photo Trainer, we want to offer an app following these whilst taking a photo.

[encoway GmbH] Job attractiveness for experienced IT specialists in Bremen

Job attractiveness for experienced IT specialists in Bremen. The aim of the project is to find out what makes a job in an IT company in Bremen (permanently) attractive for experienced IT specialists.

[Enterprise Rent a Car (UK)] Car Club Challenge

Car Rental – Enterprise Rental Cars | Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Current car sharing programme is a loss maker. The goal of the project is to identify and make a proposal how we could convert this to a profit generating state.

[FFW Agency] Enrol German initiative "AgenciesforFuture" company-wide

FFW Deutschland: Wir sind Architekten der digitalen Zukunft.

How can we enrol our German initiative “AgenciesforFuture” company-wide? The question includes different mindsets, cultural differences, a missing sense of urgency and also the fact, that more and more colleagues work remotely. 


[Hitachi Automotive Systems UK Ltd] Review of additive manufacturing

Review of additive manufacturing (3D printing) for equipment spares so as to achieve better Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE) based on the fact that sometimes spares can become obsolete after a couple of years. Is it worth investing in such a solution? Which spares can be replaced by additive manufacturing? What is usually the ROI?

[hkk Krankenkasse] Certified sustainability

Logo der hkk Krankenkasse

Certified sustainability – using the example of a corporation under public law. A practical investigation and identification of certification options in the field of CSR (corporate social responsibility).

[hmmh multimediahaus AG] Video content as a marketing strategy

hmmh multimediahaus AG – BREMEN AI

PROJECT 1: Marketing videos for the CRM Salesforce.

PROJECT 2: Video content as a marketing strategy for the hmmhemployer brand.

[KAEFER SE & Co. KG] Social media development

EiiF Membership | EiiF

Finding new approaches, formats and strategies to create content with very limited access to input, identifying relevant channels and messages.

[mm customer strategy GmbH] Quo Vadis electric cars?

Ihre Karriere bei mm customer strategy GmbH | StepStone

Quo Vadis electric cars? Trends, triggers, buyer types: Analysis and interpretation of trends, purchase drivers and types of buyers based on a representative market research study among >1,000 people considering new cars.

[Ministerium für Landwirtschaft, Umwelt und Klimaschutz des Landes Brandenburg] NetZero Ministry

How to create a NetZero Ministry from within? 

What tools and methods can be used in a participatory approach to use the employees knowledge and motivation?

[neusta aerospace GmbH] App for workplace booking

Design and development of a mobile app for employees for workplace booking on company premises

[Paritätische Gesellschaft für Pflege, Gesundheit und Sozialdienste] Redesign of public garden and parks

Redesign of the public garden and parks to create a sustainable and social environment for relaxation and rehabilitation.

[PPI AG] Regional is the new organic

PPI AG: PPI AG Unternehmensberatung

Development of innovative digital products or business models for creation of market differentiation opportunities for regional banks.

[Senatsverwaltung für Umwelt, Mobilität, Verbraucher-und Klimaschutz] Application of shop-in-shop concepts

Organisation | Berlin spart Energie

Shop-in-shop concepts from the Re-Use sector in stores/branches of larger retail chains.

[swb] Communication strategy for acquiring new customers

Creation of a communication strategy for acquiring new customers for swb mobile phone tariffs and devices

[Thermo Fisher Scientific Bremen] Support to the Green Committee for CO2 reduction

Karriere bei Thermo Fisher Scientific | Jobs bei Thermo Fisher Scientific

Support to the Green Committee for CO2 reduction at the Thermo Fisher Scientific site in Bremen.

[TOPAS] The Future of Autonomous Public Transport

The Future of Autonomous Public Transport

[V4V Zukunft durch Verantwortung gGmbH] The Next Generation Profitability Calculation


Creation of a tool for an easy and practical way to include social and environmental costs in profitability calculations. 

[Valtellina Lavoro] Launching startup Talents4Business

ValtellinaLavoro | Società di Ricerca & Selezione del Personale | Sondrio

Launching Talents4Business, startup seeking to be the first provider of recruiting coaching nationwide (Italy) and -in a second step -European wide. 

[We4IT] Marketing strategy for an IT company

Development of a modern marketing strategy for an IT service company (Spin-off nintera).