7th edition of PRAXIS Summer Camp




Student projects with real business tasks from companies of different industries and sizes.

This year, the Faculty of Business and Economics Studies at the University of Bremen is organizing its successful practice-transfer teaching format for the seventh time. In a three-week intensive project phase, interdisciplinary and partly international student teams work in small groups on real tasks from companies and institutions.

The 3-week event includes students from Bremen and also students from international partner universities. How their team work is conducted (fully in presence or partly virtual / partly in presence) will be defined within each team together with their practice partners. We hope that most students will be able to meet their company project partners in their working environments.

Get an overview about what interesting projects from various companies in different fields are available for you & how the timeline until the official start in August looks like.

Time until the PRAXIS Summer Camp 2024








Participating industries for the projects in 2023

Research & Analysis

Computer Science

Industrial Mathematics


Social Workplace

Business Development

Practical Experiences

Students are able to gain practical experiences in a project of their preference within 3 weeks

Networking Opportunities

Students are company representatives are able get to know each other more in depth on personal and professional level

Final Presentations

Students and company representatives are able to present their results in front of an extended audience including the university, companies and other institutions

Feel free to contact us for any open questions about the event

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