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[Artificial Intelligence] Chatbot & Marketing strategy

PROJECT 01: Chatbot for AI Center Bremen
Development of a chatbot that can provide information about the AI strategy of the state of Bremen.

PROJECT 02: Marketing strategy for a research and technology transfer organisation
Bremen is home to many renowned research organisations and centers of excellence. Develop a marketing strategy for these research and technology transfer organisations to highlight their expertise. Evaluate ideas how these organisations can share marketing resources and still highlight their unique research expertise.

[Corinna Karmelita] Instagram account

Get more social media presence by creating an Instagram account, inform about service offer and promotions. Generate traffic and a wider reach.

[denkbar] Flood Protection - Dialog-oriented information portal


The dikes on the city of Bremen stretch no longer the protection requirements and will have to be renewed in the long term. The project includes the bank in the city quartier “Neustadt”. The necessary reconstruction opens up the possibility of redesigning the Weser bank at this point. Therefore a dialog‐information portal should be developed to bring suggestions and ideas together.

[die Sparkasse Bremen] Digital onboarding of new employees + Digital recruiting process & AI

PROJECT 05: Digital onboarding of new employees

Digital onboarding even before the first working day of new employees. The project aims to work out what is important in onboarding, what content must be included and how it can best be implemented. Does it make sense to include VR? For example, so that new employees can get to know the premises in advance?

PROJECT 06: Digital recruiting process & AI
How can the current recruiting process be modernized? Market analysis and comparison among the providers of recruiting platforms and examination of a possible use of AI. The goal of this analysis is to find the top 3 solutions.

[DSAA] Linked In for the DSAA e.V.

The Digital Skills Accelerator Africa (DSAA) e.V. is a non-profit association based in Cologne. Founded by digital companies with the aim of creating employment on the African continent, the members conduct training programs in the partner countries Rwanda, Ghana, Senegal and Morocco in order to offer successful graduates a job afterwards. The project aims to find out how the presence of DSAA e.V. on LinkedIn can be further optimized and which additional tools the association could use on the platform to reach its target groups. In addition, the association is toying with the idea of using another channel – Instagram or Twitter for example. Therefore, an analysis is needed to determine which of the two channels could better contribute to the achievement of the association’s goals, and a corresponding concept should be developed.

[HEC IT-Engineering] Concept and strategy for socialising in the virtual office




The pandemic has accelerated the devlopment of the home office. However these is a great need to develop strategies for socialising in the virtual workplace. The aim is to create a concept and a strategy for socialising in the virtual office, including dimensions such as digital tools, interaction formats and psychological aspects.

[Hochschulkompass] Higher education and study information portal “Hochschulkompass”

Hochschulkompass Logo Vector - (.SVG + .PNG) - LogoVectorSeek.Com




The Higher Education Compass is an information portal of the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) in which state and state‐recognised German higher education institutions publish information about their study and doctoral opportunities. All information in the Higher Education Compass is authorised by the higher education institutions and is updated by staff at the higher education institutions. The main aim of the project is to find out how to reach the main target group of prospective students even better and provide them with support in their orientation and choice of studies.

[HOODTRAINING] Project-management tool to plan hoodtraining calisthenic parcs, analysing the process model and requirements

Hood Training wird 8. förderndes Mitglied – DCSV


Designing a project management tool to plan hoodtraining calisthenic parcs.

[IGB] Marketing concept for the Health Campus Bremen


The Integrated Health Campus Bremen was launched on February 1, 2021, but is still under construction. Its goal is to bring the topic of health, a megatrend, to the top of the agenda for the state of Bremen in terms of location policy. It sees itself as a strategic bracket for four clusters that have an affinity with health (and care): Health science and research, health economy, health and care relevant technical schools and the care settings themselves. A corresponding marketing strategy would have to be set up and developed to make the project visible.

[Laureus Sport for Good] Designing an analytical framework to benchmark direct vs indirect investment strategies in social projects and startups

Laureus Sport for Good Stiftung


The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation support social projects and startups in sports. The aim is to develop an analytical framework to evaluate investment strategies in social projects and startups. The framework will help to benchmark investments received directly by the projects /startups vs (indirect) donations by philanthropic organisations (e.g. the Laureus Foundation).

[Logipack] Digitization of goods movements

A wide variety of industrial trucks/forklifts are used for physical goods movements. Due to special requirements of the beverage industry as well as local conditions at our sites, all physical goods movements have so far been noted on handwritten receipts. Goal: Elaboration, cost/benefit analysis, documentation of TOP 3 solutions for the operational process (digitization “hand slips”) as well as automated goods movement booking in SAP ERP R/3.

[Seestadt Bremerhaven] Landing page for the city Bremerhaven to inform in different languages about the contemporary situation


New citizens of Bremerhaven should quickly feel comfortable and integrated in Bremerhaven. Especially citizens who do not yet have sufficient knowledge of German to be able to read German language information brochures about the city of Bremerhaven should be given an opportunity to obtain the most important information about the city of Bremerhaven even without sufficient knowledge of German. For this purpose, a landing page (website) of the city of Bremerhaven should be created as a platform in different different languages.

[Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Europe] Marketing and branding strategy to strengthen the local job market

Connecting Space Regions - Contact

Developing a marketing and branding strategy to keep students and research in Bremen. Analysing the local job market, evaluate ideas how local organisation can join forces to match students and young professionals with employers.


[mono urbano] Low-budget marketing plan for skateboard bagpack

Mono urbano is an award‐winning startup idea from former Students of the Bremen University. The project is to develop a low‐budget marketing plan for a skateboard backpack. The plan addresses the time after the crowdfunding campaign. This includes market research (target group definition, market volume, …) for the designated US market.

[MS Concepts] New modern internet presence of the tax firm


MS Concepts is a tax consulting company in Bremen. The company combines competences from the practice and theory of auditing, tax consulting and management consulting. Founded in 2017 by managing director Mariya Staykova, the company aims to give a face to new demands of modern times.
To this end, this project aims to develop a modern internet presence and innovative presentation of today’s tax consulting firm against the backdrop of digitalisation and market consolidation of the profession.

[neusta aerospace] Responsive website for employee time tracking

Employee time tracking is currently done via an Excel spreadsheet. As part of the project, a responsive website is to be developed which employees can use to record their times and expenses.

[Streaming Arts] Market analysis and marketing concept for app for collaborative rehearsal and performance

Undertaking a market analysis and, if it is considered necessary, redesign of high‐quality digital applications for collaborative rehearsal and performance of actors, musicians and other cultural workers via the Internet in real time, where the participants are physically located in different places, including a marketing concept for the service.

[swb] Marketing campaign for technical apprenticeships in Bremerhaven

Within this project, a concrete target group analysis will be carried out, previous target groups will be reviewed and, if necessary, target groups that do not yet exist will be highlighted. In addition, topics such as target schools or the special nature of Bremerhaven as a location will be addressed. As a result of the project should be a draft marketing concept including a plan of activities, which includes recommendations for measures in terms of time and content.

[Unicade Music] PR concept for a new business field: webinar for the music sector

UNICADE MUSIC is active in the fields of music production, music publishing and artist management. The company was founded by music producer and composer Goar B, who has won over 70 gold and platinum awards in 40 countries, as well as numerous title placements in film music and advertising. GOAR B is a musician, composer and music producer. In the first project of the company an Online PR concept including target groups and USP definition should be developed for a new business field of the company : webinars for the music sector.

[Visionskultur] Digital platform to match supply and demand for startup needs

Startups and the creative community have man needs and support request when starting their activities. Conceptualise a digital matching platform that matches the needs from the creative and startup scene with the knowledge from experts. One idea is to use a ticket system platform to request with offers.

[vomhörensehen] Social Media Strategy

vomhörensehen is a media agency for social issues, committed to inspiring people. At the interface of new media and educational and social issues, the vomhörensehen team implements various projects with a participatory character. The agency develops workshops, events and media formats. In this project, a social media strategy should be designed based on a new website.

[We4IT] Marketing strategy to optimize a sales funnel

Establishment or optimization of a sales funnel for a product (selection still pending). The project will be about an analysis of the current situation, competitive analysis and subsequent conception of the strategy.

[cewe] Harry Potter effect - AR photo book

In this project, a photo book is to be developed that offers the possibility of creating moving images, so-called magical photos, for individual photos, as in the newspaper in the Harry Potter films. The photos are to come to life through a smartphone camera with augmented reality. For this purpose, an app is to be developed that recognises QR-codes on photos and places an associated gif or video within the photo frame on the book page and plays it.