Below you can find the portfolio of the projects for the PRAXIS Summer Camp 2023.

You can click on the header of the company and see the description of the offered projects. The number indicates the project number, which you can remember for the selection of your desired projects here.

Research & Analysis

Data Analytics

  • Understand dynamics of the (electric) car market
  • segment car buyers based on alarge quant survey (n=1000)
  • bring segments to live by creating personas

  • Help us to evaluate the idea of applying the ESG-Risk-Assessment on personal loans
  • Be creative and start innovating with us
  • What could be data points of interest?
  • You should develop a technical concept and gather requirements for an application to evaluate ESG-Risks
  • Additionally you can build a prototype for the first User-Tests

International market analysis for eventization software

  • Market analysis
  • Competetive analysis
  • Pricing model

Design and implementation of measures to increase the resilience of the material flow of large components along the entire value chain.


What are your tasks?

  • Deep dive into the most current top artists
  • develop an intricate understanding of correlations between songwriting, music production and A&R
  • create an overview of the top performing artists that collaborate with different songwriters
  • find the right contacts in A&R or management for the appropriate performers

#17.1 Project: Developing a Market Research Guide for Technologies

Project Tasks:

  • Collecting sources of information
  • Evaluating the information (Relevance, Quality, Availability,  …)
  • Developing a „How-to-Guide“
  • Collaboration with other PSC-projects
  • Presenting the Guide
  • Publishing the Guide

#17.2 Project: Developing a Customer Journey to Regional Companies

Project Tasks:

  • Analysing the regional corporate landscape
  • Developing criteria for market segmentation
  • Performing a market segmentation
  • Identifying touchpoints with business
  • Developing customer journey
  • Presenting customer journey

Project: Developing a Customer Journey to Regional Companies 

Project Tasks:

  • Analysing the regional corporate landscape
  • Developing criteria for market segmentation
  • Performing a market segmentation
  • Identifying touchpoints with business
  • Developing customer journey
  • Presenting customer journey

Business Development

#7.1 Project Lean management

  • lean processes in the warehouse
  • reducing process time & waste
  • quality improvements

#7.2 Project Change management

  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • improved internal communication
  • data on workload and employee motivation

Sales and customer service strategy in the B2B textile sector

Conception of a suitable sales strategy and  development of a customer service tool.


Market launch of a craftsman CRM & with mobile app as SaaS solution” in the context of digital transformation

  • Competitive analysis (price, promotion, placement, product)
  • case study (Boos Gebäudeautomatisation GmbH)
  • online marketing concept.

the consumers don‘t want to drive outside to get their produce, and especially they don‘t want to drive to 5 farmers, to get their produce, since it is ecologically stupid.

Your challenge: What is logistically the smartest way, to get the food from the farmers to the city?

Smart in terms of:
-Convenience for the customer AND farmer
-Marketing for our company

We want to be super successful so … 

  • What more could BRITA do to accelerate its growth with the new audience?
  • What could we learn from other brands that are successful with this audience?


  • Communications Strategy
  • Consumer Claims, Packaging, Shopper communications (in-store/online)
  • Partnerships, Collaborations, Sales channels


  • New product design, existing product re-design
  • Pricing & more promotions (we need to maintain profitability!)


What are the key sustainability aspects for Consumers and Shoppers that are important in the Sweet Biscuits Category

The challenge:

How do you design an end-to-end customer journey in the context of trade shows and events?

The goal:

A concept: “From digital communication to face-to-face conversation to digital follow-up support.“

  • Increased efficiency in addressing customers
  • Better measurability of measures and thus traceability of sales and marketing activities (before/during/after the event)
  • Continuous customer journey from initial contact to after the event (editorial planning across channels)
  • Thought from the customer’s point of view: easy contacting/planning participation/scheduling and follow-up (example automated email after conversation at booth)
  • Creative ideas welcome!


Goar B and Unicade Music share their

  • longstanding and indepth industry experience
  • knowhow about all aspects of the music business by hosting webinars and adult masterclasses and workshops.

What is your task?

  • Help us create an engaging visual representation of Unicademy
  • create a showreel and illustrations about Unicademy for our website so we can reach the people who want to learn about the music industry.
  • contact suitable academys for cooperation

    Project: Analysing the Trends of Autonomous Systems in Maritime

    Project Tasks:

    • Getting in touch with autonomous systems in maritime
    • Evaluating models for strategic assessment
    • Performing market evaluations
    • Presenting strategic recommendations

    Project: Developing Marketing Recommendations for Trade Fairs

    Project Tasks:

    • Understanding trade fairs as a marketing channel
    • Evaluation of TRILITEC’s current approach
    • Developing ideas for online and offline marketing activities
    • Evaluating the different marketing opportunities
    • Summarising the marketing strategy
    • Presenting strategic recommendations

    Computer Science 

    • Using customized workflow-software for
    • conversion of documents in different formats, release processes
    • digital (qualified) signature processes

    • Installation of one to three sensors on a technical plant to transmit measurement data to SAP S/4 HANA
    • The measurement data is to be persisted on a database in the S/4 HANA system for the technical plant
    • Based on the data, a dashboard for illustration is to be created with the help of the SAP Analytics Cloud System

    Series production of hardware setup for seam quality control

    Concept of outsourced manufacturing of FAIBRICS hardware components

    Social Workplace

    Design and development of a web app for capturing a happiness indicator of the company.

    The application will be created using typescript with angular.

    No prior experience in web development is required, however some experience in any programming language or UI/UX design is appreciated.

    #5.1 Project:

    Wie vernetze ich mich richtig?

    Die Idee ist dabei eine Plattform oder eine App für die Community zum Kommunizieren und Vernetzen erstellen. Etwas Lockeres aber dennoch verbindlich. Etwas, was auch die Menschen zum Kommunizieren einlädt.

    #5.2 Project:

    Book for Everything!

    Jeder Mitarbeiter und jede Mitarbeiterin würden sich sehr freuen, wenn wir ein Buch als Beispiel für alle Fragen, Strukturen, Inputs, Outputs, Dynamik usw. hätten. Dabei zählt das Wissen jedes Mitarbeiters. D.h. viele Interviews. Willst du es schreiben? 

    #5.3 Project:

    Creative Spaces.
    Du hast schon mal Orte und Flächen gesehen und dachtest, dass da irgendwas cooles und kreatives entstehen kann? Jetzt kannst du mitwirken. Ort zum Arbeiten, zum Sport machen, zum Lernen oder einfach zum Kreativ werden.

    Project: Joint Employer Branding Strategy

    Project Tasks:

    • Identifying joint employer branding strategies
    • Evaluating touchpoints within the DHI
    • Prototyping ideas for employer branding
    • Developing ideas for online and offline marketing activities
    • Summarising the joint strategy approach
    • Presenting recommendations