Soon in April, you can find below the portfolio of the projects for the PRAXIS Summer Camp 2024.


You can click on the header of the company and see the description of the offered projects. The number indicates the project number, which you can remember for the selection of your desired projects.


Still under construction …

Research & Analysis

Powering Tomorrow – With the realization of climate change, the energy supply is facing major challenges. What are the market trends? What are viable innovation paths? What opportunities are there in terms of energy technology solutions?

Market and benchmark analysis – TOPAS sees itself as a research and transfer institute in the university environment that would like to finance itself in the long term through industry funding and contracts. The task is a market and benchmarking analysis including a derived strategy analysis: Are there comparable models and of what type? What are their strategies?

Business Development

Fall detection for restricted groups of people –
As part of the project, the use case of fall detection for the TRILITEC sensor is to be investigated and evaluated both economically and technically. To this end, research is to be carried out into the state of the art.
# Market analysis (state of the art, potential competitors, etc.)
# Business case analysis
# Analysis of the relevant application scenarios (which falls are frequent, rare, etc.)
# Test the TRILITEC sensor for the relevant application scenarios (e.g. falling out of bed, falling down stairs, etc.)

Sales and customer service strategy in the B2B textile sector

Conception of a suitable sales strategy and  development of a customer service tool.


Increase the reach of our company on social media – development of a social media strategy and initial content. Our focus is primarily on Linked in and Youtube – product in the area of e-mail management

Social Workplace

Onboarding app (web application) – Concept creation – Development taking into account the features prioritized in the concept – Possibly development of further optional features (depending on time)