We are getting closer to starting the semester and with this, perhaps a new room or a change of decoration for some of us. Given this possibility, I want to show you some amazing plant options that can bring more life into your rest space.

The benefits of integrating plants in your bedroom are many: house plants can help to regulate humidity and purify the air, filtering out toxins and allergens, and releasing oxygen. They can also boost your mood; plants normally have the effect of making us feel more relaxed, less stressed during though lecture times…who wouldn’t like to study and rest in a peaceful oasis? Cleaner air and less stress also mean a chance of a better sleep. Personally, I think of my room as a sanctuary, where I regain strength to face any kind of day, and if I let my imagination fly, where plants are allies and why not, even a kind of protective spirits. Finally, plants make any room look better, more permanent, plus they are a not so expensive way to upgrade your deco and make a personality statement. So choose wisely.

Some of the main criteria to choose bedroom plants are the amount of maintenance needed (ideally low), the amount of light coming in, and the specific room’s aesthetic. Also, a very valid concern and common question is: are plants really okay in the bedroom? Meaning, are they safe to sleep with? As we learned in school, plants convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar, and they release oxygen during the photosynthesis process. But not all plants always release fresh oxygen. Many plants release carbon dioxide at night. However, this should not be a cause of worry, because the amount of carbon dioxide produced, if any, is really really small and not harmful for humans. The health benefits of bedroom plants are far greater.

The variety of indoor plants is huge. However, there are some all-time favorites where you just can’t go wrong. Here is a list of the best 10 bedroom plants that I know. To make this list I took some advice from the local plant experts at Euflora (a company that offers sustainable greening concepts / indoor plant design), but also included some that I’ve owned and loved:

  1. Monstera deliciosa – also known as Swiss cheese plant

This is my absolute favorite; it’s a statement plant. They are perfect for large bedrooms because they tend to expand a lot; their leaves are big, glossy and elegant. They’re one of the best air-purifiers and they can accentuate either a modern or bohemian look.

Monstera deliciosa decorating my night table.

  1. Sansevieria – also known as Snake plant or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue (lol)

Another great air-purifier, with a striking look, and super low-maintenance profile; they survive the winter really good. They are perfect for darker bedrooms and you only have to water them every 3-4 weeks. According to room Feng shui, this plant brings good luck.

Sansevieria. Source:

Standing tall under my window.

Found this one in the Bauhaus.

  1. Spathiphyllum wallisii – commonly known as Peace Lily

I have a huge peace lily that brings me a sense of peace and tranquility. It boosts humidity. The white flowers are exquisite and the more light it gets, the more flowers it produces. I feel it’s also pretty low-maintenance.

My Peace Lily.

  1. Succulents

Variations of succulents are perfect for the desk or for the windowsill. They are ultra-low-maintenance, so basically the only way they can die is if you water them too much. They come in a range of colors, sizes and forms, so you can get creative. Don’t bring them to the bathroom or kitchen, because they tend to dislike lots of humidity.

Succulents on my windowsill.

  1. Pilea peperomioides – also known as Chinese money plant

This funny plant emulates positivity and is another Feng shui recommended plant, it is said that her vibrant energy can help a person’s economy. The plant is super special and eye-catching with a harmonious shape that reminds of coins. This one needs a brighter light to stay happy.

The money plant I pray to.

  1. Dracaena marginata – known as Drachenbaum or Dragon tree

There’s a variety of this upright tree-like plants with spiky sword-shaped leaves that are amazing for the bedroom. They are excellent toxin-removers and look great in corners; they instantly add height to the room. Not expensive at all.

Noble not expensive dragon trees at the Bauhaus.

  1. Begonias

This is a recent discovery of mine but I find it very special, tolerant of low light and bringing some color to the room. She has smart leaves and bright blooms and stays happy in a cool environment.

A special Begonia guarding my books.

  1. Ficus lyrata – known as Fiddle-Leaf Fig

This is another big plant, basically more of a tree, which has beautiful, large, and glossy violin-shaped leaves. It’s a fast grower and the focal point of any room, however, it’s not recommended for cat or dog owners (toxic for them).

Ficus lyrata. Source:

  1. Aloe Vera

This plant also clears the air and releases oxygen at night, but it’s mainly known for the many healing properties it entitles. Also, it requires minimal watering. It’s a compact plant, perfect for an empty table or shelf.

For less than 5 Euro.

  1. Bonsai

Not all bonsais thrive indoors, but some resilient options, like the Ficus bonsais are perfect for the bedroom. They look beautiful, reflective and balanced. A talented poet, Alejandro Zambra, wrote that bonsais are “an artistic replica of a miniature tree, a tree on a cliff”. For some reason I liked that definition and the idea of inviting a piece of living art into my most intimate space.

From Zambra’s book Bonsai.

I hope you got some inspiration from this list, that you’re always one step closer to having your ideal bedroom, and that you opt to include some green on it! What is your favorite bedroom plant? Let me know.

*Many thanks to the plant care service at for the advice on this article.

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  1. Natalia
    Natalia sagte:

    Thanks Tania for investigating some plants we could sleep with.
    I don’t consider myself as „la señora de las plantas“ hahaha, so I just have 1 Succulent :)
    As you said, this kind of plant requieres minimum effort from my side to survive, so it’s perfect hahaha

    SANDRA sagte:

    Hola Tania, gracias por tu artículo me parece interesante. Yo tengo plantas que tienen conmigo muchos años y son lindas, realmente requieren poco manteniemiento, una es PALO DE BRASIL Y POTO (Epipremnum aureum), ME GUSTAN MUCHO


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