Sometimes I feel like november –

Half autumn and half winter.


I know it gets more quiet and the days are shorter too,

It’s getting dark so early and it’s only a pass-through,

People are just waiting for this time to pass by,

When there is no snow but also no sun in the sky.


No one falls in love in november because what is there to fall for?,

There are no leaves left on trees and also no christmas decor,

The pumpkins all lay on the compost heap and it seems like no flower is found,

But still it is not winter yet and autumn is making last sounds.


Sometimes I feel like november.


All my leaves fell down and there is nothing left to bloom,

I can’t find a sunray and the days are dipped in gloom.


I know I’m getting dark and quiet,

I hope this does not bother you,

But remember to put on a fire,

So you don’t get dark too.

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