About Teamwork

Group work is crushing. My biggest fear in Uni is teamwork, because it is like a blind box and you never know what kind of teammates you will meet. Fortunately, I tried every possibility this semester. I had three presentations: the first pre had a total of eight or nine members, I don’t remember the exact number, because there were only three girls including me who actually did something. Other boys never participated in discussions and preparations. There were originally four members in my second pre group. In addition to me, there was one boy and two girls. Unfortunately, the two girls dropped out, so only one boy and I were left. By making excuses, procrastinating, being sick, he did not do anything and even disappeared before our presentation. I ended up completing the report alone. The last pre was between me and a girl. She was very serious with our work and really easy-going. We made great progress every time we met and didn’t feel tired. We completed all the work happily. Some teammates really hurt my hurt because they did not have a sense of responsibility at all. I was wondering how could they be so confident about the final work and their scores. Maybe there is always someone who need to do almost all the hard work, and they just get used to this. It is so similar to the normal situation in one’s career in our society. The one who works seriously will always get more tasks, and at the same time, his achievements must be shared with others. I’ve worked for 2 years and I have to say it is the truth. (I’m the person whose heart was broken in career.) Society is inherently unfair. Maybe some people just learned how to survive easily earlier.  Maybe that’s why we have so many teamworks. Maybe it should change its name to „Who is the fool?“.


  1. Sammer says:

    Ich kann deinen Schmerz nachvollziehen. Vor allem, wenn die anderen absolut nichts machen ist es sehr stressend. Sie könnten wenigstens etwas machen, aber nein sie tun rein gar nichts und kassieren am Ende eine gute Note. Es gibt viele Studenten, die wegen Gruppenarbeiten das Studium sogar abbrechen. Vielleicht wirkt es übertrieben, aber wenn man selbst in so einer Situation ist, dann merkt man sehr schnell, dass der Stress einen auseinandernimmt. Ich musste dieses Semester auch ne ganze Abgabe alleine machen, weil die eine mit was anderem beschäftigt war und die andere sich nie gemeldet hat. Das ist echt der reinste Horror. Ich bin auch der Meinung, dass man das Konzept der Gruppenarbeit umändern sollte bzw. garnicht mehr machen sollte, weil es einfach Ausbeute ist. “Who is the fool?” ist leider ne sehr gute Beschreibung für dieses Phänomen der Gruppenarbeit 🙁

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