Dissertation defense by Leonie Wiemeyer

On Thursday, August 26th, 2021, Leonie Wiemeyer, supervised by Marcus Callies (U Bremen), defended her PhD dissertation “Intertextuality in foreign-language academic writing in English. A mixed-methods study of university students’ writing products and processes in source-based disciplinary assignments” at the University of Bremen. Casey Iezzi (Boise State University / Idaho, USA) and Diane Pecorari (City University Hong Kong) acted as external reviewers of the thesis. Leonie’s work was awarded the highest distinction “summa cum laude”. Congratulations!
Her dissertation utilised a mixed-methods design to investigate intertextuality in L1-German university students academic writing in English, combining a corpus and a process study of a disciplinary writing assignment based on a single source text.

Members of the PhD committee after the successful defense. Picture courtesy of G. Gödecke.