Research group


Prof. Dr. Marcus Callies, principal investigator



Former project members


Alexandra Kinne

“Weight as a determinant of syntactic variation in advanced learner varieties. A corpus study of weight effects in L1 and L2 academic writing” (dissertation defended on May 11th, 2018; summa cum laude)


Leonie Wiemeyer

“Intertextuality in foreign-language academic writing in English.A mixed-methods study of university students’ writing products and processes in source-based disciplinary assignments” (dissertation defended on August 26th, 2021; summa cum laude)


Ekaterina Zaytseva

“The expression of concession in L1 and L2 writing: A corpus study of lexico-grammatical variation”


Tonia Sperling

“Who states what and how do we know? – Knowledge (re-) presentation and production in advanced learner writing”