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CALE in the press

  • 15 December 2014: feature about CALE on Bremen university’s online research blog “Impulse”

General news

Conference activities, workshops and guest lectures


  • 11 July 2015: CALE-team @ Open campus, Uni Bremen


  • 03 July 2015: Guest lecture on “The dative alternation in German-English interlanguage” by Katja Jäschke, Düsseldorf
  • 25 and 30 June 2015: Guest lectures on “Investigating word order in L2 English corpora: lexicon and information structure” and “Morpheme order acquisition: analysing L2 English learner corpora” by Dr. Cristobal Lozano, Granada
  • 24 and 26 June 2015: Workshop on “Experimental design and statistics in SLA research” by guest researcher Dr. Cristobal Lozano, Granada

  • 4 June 2015: Guest lecture by Caroline Gerckens, Hannover
  • 3-4 December 2014: Guest lectures by Dr. Erik Castello, Padova
  • 8 July 2014: Guest lecture by Dr. Sandra Götz, Giessen
  • 2-3 July 2014: Workshop on corpus annotation with UAM Corpus Tool with Mick O’Donnell, Madrid
  • 12-16 May 2014: Visit and Guest lectures by project partner Dr. Lina Bikeliene, Vilnius

Project-related teaching

  • Winter 2015/16: Learner Corpus Research (Callies), Study abroad in SLA research (Callies)
  • Summer 2015: Analysing Learner Language (Zaytseva)
  • Winter 2014/15: Advanced Learner Varieties (Callies)
  • Summer 2014: Analysing Learner Language (Callies)
  • Fall/winter 2012/13: Corpus Linguistics (Zaytseva)
  • Fall/winter 2012/13: Analysing Learner Language (Zaytseva)

Upcoming conferences