CALE-Team at ICAME 39 in Tampere, Finland

Members of the CALE team will be attending the 39th ICAME conference in Tampere in May/June this year.

Nida Dusturia‘s abstract was accepted for a work-in-progress report on “Indonesian EFL learners’ argumentative writing: A learner corpus study of connector usage”. Leonie Wiemeyer and Antorlina Mandal will present a joint paper on “Foreign elements in L2 writers’ research papers – communicative strategy or display of academic literacy?” and Leonie a second paper on “L2 writers’ strategies of paraphrasing, quoting, and textual borrowing in linguistics assignments”.

Marcus Callies co-ogranizes a pre-conference workshop on “Corpus approaches to conceptual metaphor and idioms in World Englishes” with Alexander Onysko (Klagenfurt/Austria) and has two contributions in this workshop: “Corpus approaches to studying conceptual metaphor” (with Alexander) and “Using large electronic corpora to validate elicitation techniques in research on conceptual metaphor and idioms: The case of the “lexicon of corruption” in West African Englishes”.