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Welcome to the Network of Excellence in Advanced ICT for Tropical Medicine

This is a project supported by DAAD 2022 – 2025. We target to build a community and training repository around the topic of using advanced ICT for various problems and applications in Tropical Medicine.


Develop Training Materials

Training Material

We are in the process of developing training materials in the area of ICT for tropical medicine. Here you can see a list of all currently available materials. They are shared under the CC-BY-NC (creative commons, attribution required, no commercial usage). When using, please attribute to the original author (listed in each training item) and the Network of Excellence in Advanced ICT for Tropical Medicine.

Press and News


Mosquito recognition and vector counts

There are many mosquito vector-borne diseases, such as malaria, dengue, or Zika. It is essential to be able to control the mosquito populations, which requires reliable recognition of individual species in the wild. We are performing various research activities in this field, see the following publications.

Digital health applications

We are developing various tools to support the tracking and reporting of infectious diseases. Furthermore, we work together wiht hospitals to support them with digitalization of their services and processes, including disease diagnosis.

Medical training support

We are developing tools to support the training of doctors, inclduing surgeons and dentists. Methods include mainly state of the art visualization and virtual reality.

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