Gastvortrag von Dr. Nicola Galloway

Montag 9. Dezember 2019, 14-16 Uhr, SFG 2070


Vortrag: Dr. Nicola Galloway (University of Edinburgh)

The pedagogical implications of the global spread of English

In today’s globalised world, the needs of English language learners have changed, particularly those learning to use the English language as a lingua franca. The growing research showcasing the global use of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), the creativity of ELF users and the diverse ways in which they negotiate successful communication in multilingual encounters have numerous implications for the field of TESOL. In this talk, I will explore the pedagogical implications of the global spread of English, outlining calls for change to TESOL curricula. These include calls to consider new goals, assessments, materials and pedagogical perspectives that best match students’ needs to use English as a global language. I will synthesize a body of classroom-based research that experiment with incorporating Global Englishes into language classrooms and teacher training programs. These studies on Global Englishes curriculum innovation respond to calls for a major shift in perspective in TESOL—the likes of which last occurred in the 1970s with the movement towards communicative language teaching. Since this time, the world has witnessed further globalization and the entrenchment of English as the global language.  However, curriculum innovation is a complex process and a number of barriers to change are present. I will explore the challenges of putting theory into teaching practice and provide an overview of a recently established network to break down barriers to change to encourage researchers and practitioners to collaborate and share resources (