Global Englishes auf dem Fremdsprachentag

Am 25.09.2021 bringen wir das Thema “ Global Englishes in Language Teaching“ auf den 35. Fremdsprachentag des Fachverbands Moderne Fremdsprachen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Global Englishes in Language Teaching

Michael Westphal, Philipp Meer, Stefanie Hehner, and Marcus Callies

Global Englishes is an umbrella term that describes the global diversity of the English language, incorporating concepts such as World Englishes and English as a lingua franca. In English Language Teaching, a paradigm shift from a bias toward monolingual British and American native speakers as idealized targets for learners towards an inclusion of Global Englishes is well under way (e.g. Rose & Galloway 2019). This approach promotes multilingualism and awareness of the diversity of Englishes, increases exposure to this diversity, embraces multiculturalism, and fosters trans-cultural awareness. In our network Global Englishes in ELT in Germany, we bring together researchers and practitioners in Germany that are interested in exploring the role of Global Englishes in English Language Teaching in Germany (Callies et al, fc.;
In this talk, we will first introduce the framework of Global Englishes in Language Teaching, illustrate how this is put into practice in teacher education at the University of Bremen in the project Varieties of English in foreign language teacher education, and demonstrate secondary-school students’ perceptions of different Englishes. Finally, we will illustrate exemplary materials that focus on Global Englishes in language teaching.