Field Test 2021 – Grolland, Bremen

After a long time, we can report on the progress of the project. A new field test was carried out in June 2021 at Grolland, Bremen.

The field test consisted of 2 nodes that were buried in the ground at the depth of 20 cm. A single base station collected the data from the nodes and forwarded it to The Things Network. The nodes were powered by batteries and the base station was powered from the mains.

Even though the field test did not go as planned it was crucial in identifying the problems in the current system and gave insights about the improvements that could be made. The test was also a reminder to keep up to date with the changing hardware and adapt to the new requirements. The team is working towards creating a completely new system that is more advanced and dynamic. There will be some significant changes in the hardware and software, that would allow interfacing of various sensors and support for multiple platforms. Stay tuned to catch updates on the project.

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