Regional Labour Office Cracow

Regional Labour Office in Cracow is an entity of the Małopolska Region Self-Government responsible for developing regional labor market policy and programmes to tackle unemployment and the negative effects unemployment has for the individual and for the region. With its programmes and services, WUP supports all residents of the Małopolska region in their professional development and labor market inclusion by providing vocational guidance and career services. It also monitors referral systems for individuals who seek employment, training opportunities and other labor-market related activities. The aim is to improve the motivation and skills of individuals and the quality of human resources, in particular by making use of the dialogue and partnership creation between different labor market institutions. WUP also implements projects and programmes funded under the European Social Fund to support cooperation between employers, unemployed people and training institutions. WUP therefore has significant experience in linking education and work in a holistic approach to learning. In cooperation with experts from Polish and foreign research institutions, RLO also prepares analyses concerning learning and adult education and issues of the regional labour market. It prepares regular reporting on the implementation of lifelong and adult learning policies in Małopolska and also monitors adult education in the region. It has developed a consistent and transparent quality system of training services (The Małopolska Education and Training Services Standards).