Manual II: VPL – The Role of Employers

Employers facilitate labour market transition, mobility and inclusion through their recruitment strategies and non-discriminatory procedures. Manual II addresses the role of employers for enhancing the effectiveness of VPL and elaborates on how employers can support the VPL of their employees. As VPL is not known to most employers (if at all), the Manual can be used to sensitise and create awareness and guide companies in terms of recruitment and HRD. The Manual can also be used to sensitise employment agencies and other labour market institutions and include recommendations for recruitment procedures and awareness raising among employers and other labour market actors.

The partners have assessed whether VPL is known to companies and if employers accept or would accept VPL of potential employees. They also have assessed what advantages/disadvantages and benefits of VPL employers can see for their employees and the organisation and whether VPL leads to differentiated individual outcomes in the work context. The Manual was developed based on company case studies, identifying „good practice examples“ and „bad practice example. The recommendations focus on awareness raising among employers and other labour market actors, recruitment procedures, benefits of VPL for employees and the organisation. The Manual will also include guidelines for the engagement of companies to support the VPL of their employees.

EffectVPL_Manual II – The Role of Employers