Jagiellonian University Extension

Jagiellonian University Extension (Wszechnica Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego Sp. z o.o.) is specialized in supporting the personal and competence development of actors, multipliers, and professionals in the area of lifelong learning and adult education. In addition, it provides a variety of consulting and research services related to skills and labor market developments to public institutions in Poland. Jagiellonian University Extension (JUE) was established in 2005 and operated from 2005 to 2010 as a specialized Jagiellonian University unit dedicated to Lifelong Learning. In 2011, it was transformed into a company Ltd. which now operates as an EDUCATIONAL CENTRE and TRAINING PROVIDER. Building on outcomes and achievements of applied studies, JUE provides a broad range of training and consulting services to a variety of adult learners such as individual learners; adult education teachers and trainers; coaches; consultants; managers; public institution officers and employees who are sent by their employers for course participation. It also conducts studies in the area of adult education, VET and labor market inclusion and offers evaluation of services to private companies and public institutions (e.g. regional and local labor offices, governmental agencies) to support the development of educational policies and training programmes.