In the Introduction to Ecology lecture, students have always been able to express wishes on which topics are to be treated in the lecture. In Winter Semester 2018/19, for the first time, they had the opportunity to read up on their favourite topic independently and present them in class. Here, some of the best presentations made by the student’s are featured (all in German language).

Effects of human food production on the Ecosystem
by Hanna Plöger and Helena Hegenbart

In this presentation, the students nicely showed the tremendous effect human food production can have on the environment. As examples, they used beef production and palm oil production in Indonesia.

Download as PDF: Plöger Hegenbart Auswirkungen Ernährung WS 1819

Local ecosystem’s condition
by Nadja Engel and Jonas Plagge

In terms of conservation, it is possibly best to start outside your own front door. Therefore, one students’ presentation features the condition of a local ecosystem by using Hambacher Forst, Germany, and it’s precious wildlife as an example.

Download as PDF: Engel Plagge Zustand lokaler Ökosysteme WS 1819

Strategies of ecosystem protection
by Jutta Scheffing

This presentation features some strategies of ecosystem protection and restoration on the important example of German moor landscapes.

Download as PDF: Scheffing Ökosystemschutz WS 1819

Return of large predators to Germany
by Sandra Badtke and Celine Zschiegner

After decades of extinction, some large predators, such as wolf, lynx or even brown bear, have returned to Germany. However, they are not welcome everywhere. In this presentation, the students nicely showed both sides of the controversy and the important ecological role of large predators.

Download as PDF: Badtke Zschiegner Rückkehr großer Räuber WS 1819

Effects of coral bleaching on humans
by Lisa Zimmermann and Marie Egert

One of the most beautiful and diverse ecosystems on this planet is threatened by total disappearance. This presentation evaluates the consequences which the loss of coral reefs might have on humanity and features a lot of original photographs!

Download as PDF: Zimmermann Korallensterben WS 1819

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