Welcome – this is Juliane Filser’s Ecology Blog! It has been set up to display interesting facts, comments and thoughts related to ecology, facts going beyond the department’s homepage (see https://www.uni-bremen.de/en/uft-oekologie/).
Items can comprise a lot of different things, among them both shocking and exciting publications, job announcements, pictures, statistical data or political decisions and comments on these – and also surprises, like in the first video uploaded, possibly even poems or graffiti…
Most important, however, this is also a forum for ecology students. Selected examples of the best contributions in lectures, seminars and practical courses may show up here, including also some fun such as the weirdest answers in exams – of course anonymized.

Last not least, this is also an invitation to those concerned for nature: please feel free to comment or supplement any contributions, and contact us whenever you come across something that you consider worthwhile presenting here!
The most recent contributions will always be under “Latest news”; older ones will be moved to the other categories.

Looking forward to YOUR input, and best regards!
Juliane Filser

Latest News:

Climate change at breathtaking pace
by Juliane Filser, 21.06.2019

No, this is not funny anymore – it is more than scary: Louise Farquharson and coworkers report that the maximum thaw depths in permafrost soils in Northern Canada… (see Policy)


Nice excursion finds
by Juliane Filser, 14.06.2019

Half-day excursions can be so exciting! Here are two examples of what we encountered on June 5 and 12 2019, respectively… (see AG Filser Special)


Pompilid wasp
by Juliane Filser, 25.04.2019

This short video, taken in April 2019 near Aarhus in Denmark, shows the typical movement of a wasp from the family Pompilidae… (see AG Filser Special)

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