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Act for Soils!
On September 03, 2021 Juliane Filser gave a public talk in Bremen’s “Haus der Wissenschaft” (in German) – pointing out fascinating facts on soils, the ongoing threats to them – and both obstacles and possibilities to mitigate these threats.


 A great day for climate!
by Juliane Filser, 29.04.2021

The Federal Constitutional Court of Germany releases a game-changing order in favour of the fundamental rights of future generations. THANK YOU!!!

The Forests of Romania
by Juliane Filser, 08.02.2021

We are bitterly complaining about what’s going on in Brazil – but I guess many of us are not aware of what is going on in Europe:


Ecology and Corona?
by Juliane Filser, 17.03.2020

At first sight this sounds contradicting – yet the present pandemic might well be related to our increasing destruction of nature. And Trump’s policy has its share as well. At least this is what a highly acknowledged science author thinks:

Recently an article by her appeared here:

Whoever is interested may contact me: I can provide a German version of it.

Climate Strike
by Juliane Filser, 20.09.2019

Yeeeah!!! Thanks to all participants – keep on marching, thinking and acting for a truly sustainable future!

Some impressions of the Demonstration in Bremen: https://www.butenunbinnen.de/nachrichten/gesellschaft/klimastreik-bremen-bremerhaven-100.html (also source of the picture to the left)


“If you realise that you

are driving your car

at 200 km per hour

towards a wall you’d

rather put on the brake

as hard as you can – and

not just a little bit.”




Climate change at breathtaking pace
by Juliane Filser, 21.06.2019

No, this is not funny anymore – it is more than scary: Louise Farquharson and coworkers report that the maximum thaw depths in permafrost soils in Northern Canada already exceed those projected by 2090!


Just keep on flying to holiday destinations, and conferences, keep on going to work, shopping and taking your kids to school by car – in the meantime prepare for the migration waves that can soon be expected in all lowlands! It is high time to act in order to combat these dramatic changes. Policy and legislation finally have to awake from their decade-long meander. Yesterday, during a very interesting discussion at the “Club of Lilienthal”, a student made an excellent point (see left).


Pesticides without an end?
by Jan Lorenz-Fohrmann, 15.04.2019

Another petition, another important issue. Until May 1st, a petition is to be signed to convince the German government to limit the excessive usage of pesticides. Since it is formulated quite complicated, this Video provided by www.pestizidkontrolle.de on the left explains the issue. Albeit the dramatic background music might be a bit over-the-top, it gives a good overview!

Link to the Petition: https://epetitionen.bundestag.de/petitionen/_2019/_03/_20/Petition_92382.nc.html

Listen to Science!
by Jan Lorenz-Fohrmann, 15.04.2019

Few weeks ago, I called every effort of the Fridays for Future movement “justified”. It has to mean something that now a letter to the prestigious journal Science is named almost the same: “Concerns of young protesters are justified”. That being said, it is time to listen them. Therefore, a Petition to the German Bundestag is recommended by the Scientists for Future movement, that finally demands a binding, wide-ranging law to reduce CO2-emmissions within the next six months.

Letter to Science at the Science website: https://science.sciencemag.org/content/364/6436/139.2
Link to the Petition: https://epetitionen.bundestag.de/petitionen…

A victory of reason
by Jan Lorenz-Fohrmann, 04.04.2019

That’s great: After 1.7 million people in Bavaria have agreed to a referendum on saving the bees, the government is now about to make it law. This is a great victory for conservation, a victory of reason. However, the administration has announced that they will “supplement” the referendum to make it’s application by law “realistic”. So let’s hope that there will be something left of what the people have stood up for, once these supplements are made.

Read more on the Bavarian Broadcast website (German language): https://www.br.de/nachrichten/bayern/bienen-volksbegehren-wird-gesetz,RMaKaWj

Pesticides: authorisation challenged
by Juliane Filser, 03.04.2019

Pesticides contribute a large share to biodiversity decline. However, the current registration procedure does not meet EU’s environmental standards, argues an international team of experts, among them Juliane Filser. They claim to better represent realistic environmental conditions, taking into account variation in climate, landscape structure and community composition. Also the precautionary principle and existing knowledge on mixture toxicity should be taken more serious to prevent further harm. It is EFSA’s (European Food Safety Authority) turn to act now.

More information [in German]:

Original article:

Picture: RioPatuca_fotolia.com

Save the insects!
by Jan Lorenz-Fohrmann, 30.03.2019

The insects are vanishing, and the people have shown that they are not okay with that. Therefore, it is time for policy to take action! To convince it so, the nature conservation organisation BUND has started a petition for citizens to send messages in their name to the German ministers for environment and agriculture in which they state solid numbers for what effort has to be done. By now, around 40.000 messages have been sent. Please help making it 50.000!

Link to the Petition on the BUND website: https://aktion.bund.net/lass-brummen…

March on, scientists
by Jan Lorenz-Fohrmann, 22.03.2019

It’s time again: On May 4th, 2019, the March for Science 2019 will start, also in Bremen. For this, scientists will hit the streets in order to protest for a science that is free and independent from all politcal or ideological instrumentalisation and which everone can trust. An issue that is the more important, the more people, including politicians, will keep on mistaking facts for opinions…

More information at the March for Science website: https://marchforscience.de/

Picture: marchforscience.de

Scientists for Future
by Jan Lorenz-Fohrmann, 13.03.2019

Luckily, the “Fridays for Future” demonstrations are spreading through Germany. Upcoming friday, there will be a national strike with demonstrations in various German cities, including Bremen. In Addition to this, scientists have published a statement in which they guarantee that these young heroes’ efforts are more than justified. That statement has been signed by more than 14.000 scientists so far, so please help us making it 20.000 until Friday!
And to be clear: We support every young person who skips class for this noble reason. Fight for your future and do what is necessary for not being ignored anymore!

Scientists for Futures’ statement with Link to signing: https://www.scientists4future.org/stellungnahme/
Information about demonstrations on March 15th, 2019: https://fridaysforfuture.de/streiktermine/

Picture: fridaysforfuture.de

Good news at last
by Jan Lorenz-Fohrmann, 22.02.2019

That’s some good news: Almost one fifth of eligle voters in Bavaria have signed a popular petition to rescue bees! The German Federal Minister of Environment, Svenja Schulze, has reacted with a statement on her department’s website. There shall be “more” money for nature conservation, “less” pesticides, “more” grassed areas and the departure from glyphosate shall be “fast”. As good as it sounds, the statement does not include any numbers. I hope, there are some, even if not mentioned, because it is easy to make more effort in conservation, the real challenge is to make it enough.

Original statement on the German Deparment of Environment website: https://www.bmu.de/meldung/statement…

Lots of horses to feed
by Juliane Filser, 02.02.2019

What, 153.4 HP (112.5 kW) on average (!) had new cars bought in 2018 in Germany? Who on earth should feed all those horses? Luckily we have no problems at all with fuel supply, air quality and global warming… My biggest engine ever had 75 HP, and back in the old student days I drove many, many thousands of km with 44 HP or 34 HP. Now we are just about to sell our car, relying solely on bike and public transport – very occasionally supplemented by car rental.

Picture: © J. Filser, Öland 2018



Climate change at breathtaking speed
by Juliane Filser, 2019

No, this is not funny anymore – it is more than scary: Louise Farquharson and coworkers report that the maximum thaw depths in permafrost soils in Northern Canada already exceed those projected by 2090!…

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