I personally found the work in “Phone & Spear” very interesting. The variation between dialogue and art (the different collages or quotes) is particularly stimulating. The book is designed in such a way that readers want to stick with it. I find the concept of another story telling very exciting. It is a concept designed so that absolutely everyone can understand it. The different digitally designed images make the book colorful and lively.
I personally had the feeling that I wanted to delve deeper into the images. Thanks to the respective explanations, even a layperson can understand the artists' statements. 
Conveying feelings is particularly important to the collective. Feelings should be triggered. It's about feeling, tasting. This is what I find so special about anthropology. You can immerse yourself much more in the milieu and understand more.
The focus of the work is the importance of cell phones and how they connect us all.
Cell phones make it possible to track the entire world. This allows different cultures to be made accessible. “Phone & Spear” relies on that.
Through images, songs and performance Miyarrka Media is saying much more than just through written work. 
These tools can trigger more in us humans. This is conveyed well in “Phone & Spear”. I also felt different things while reading. In between i smiled, next moment  i feeled a certain sadness.
The spear motif is used here because it is the perfect symbol for the quickest connection.
It is the perfect pictorial representation.



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