Miyarrka Media is an Australian media arts group specializing in exploring and depicting the culture and way of life of the Yolŋu Aboriginal people of northeast Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Australia. The group was founded by artists Paul Gurrumuruwuy and Fiona Yangathu in 2009.

Her work "Phone & Spear" is a multidisciplinary project that explores digital technology and its significance for Yolŋu culture. The Yolŋu Aboriginal people have a rich oral storytelling tradition, using language, stories and songs to pass knowledge from one generation to the next. "Phone & Spear" examines the ways in which modern communications technologies, particularly cell phones and the Internet, influence and transform these traditional narrative practices.

The project also explores the role of media in the preservation and transmission of culture and history, particularly at a time when many indigenous communities worldwide are facing the effects of globalization and digitalization.

"Phone & Spear" consists of a variety of media including videos, photographs, audio recordings and installations. It is a fascinating example of the way contemporary art and technology can be used to explore and reflect cultural identity and traditions.