Navel Logistics Innovation Center Ngaoundéré

Funded by BMBF 01DG20011

The first transfer seminar on updating work of the partners and the exchange of ideas was held on the 08th of December 2021. Due the the pandemic it was an on-line event where the partners joined while in their own countries.

The agenda of the seminar was as follows.

  • Welcome and Meeting Objective – Hans-Dietrich Haasis
  • Introduction to the Meat and Milk Topic – Victor Tsapi
  • Sensor Tools for Supply Chain Improvements – Anna Förster
  • Challenges and Chances in Cameroon – Business Experts
  • Discussion – Victor Tsapi, H.-D. Haasis
  • Suggested Knowledge Transfer Measures – Michael Kunkis
  • Closing Remarks – Victor Tsapi


At the outset, a set of objectives were set for the seminar. They focussed on two main aspects: objectives of the joint project and the objectives of the online transfer seminar. They are listed below.


Objective of the Joint Project

  • Initiate, design and implement the Navel Logistics Innovation Center Ngaoundéré as part of the University of Ngaoundéré.
  • Support and promote knowledge and technology creation in cooperation with enterprises and start-ups in order to stimulate economic and social development.
  • Focusing on logistics management and engineering.
  • Strengthen a network between university and economy, with close relation to the regional culture and geography.

Objective of the Online Transfer Seminar

  • Discuss and exchange experiences with focus to the meat and the milk supply chains.
  • Motivate to think about new organizational solutions as well as new technologies.
  • Initiate and strengthen a communication between university and economy; and utilize university as a think tank.
  • Visualize the creation of the Navel Logistics Innovation Center Ngaoundéré.