The MARE research framework is a framing document outlining issues, problems, discussing the latest international literature and possible directions of relevant PhD research. It is based on an overview of policy-relevant issues related to the thematic scope of MARE and offers references to international and European policy documents and scientific assessments focusing on or strongly featuring MARE issues. Based on the MARE research framework, departments at partners higher education institutions in Malaisia and Vietnam develop their institutional and/or departments research agendas. Such agendas provide support to PhD (but also MSc/MA) students and their supervisors to identify the research topics and plan thesis contents relevent to the latest scientific and policy developments.

To consolidate the activities under the MARE research framework, dedicated PhD positions were created across the partnership to pursue the MARE agenda.

Profiles of PhD supervisors available in the MARE partnership

PhD programs available in the MARE partnership

Development of PHD Research Framework UMT Report

Development of PHD Research Framework UTP Report

Development of PHD Research Framework VN Partners

MARE Supervisors

  Supervisor Partner 1 Prof. Adi Maimun Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 2 Dr. Kang Hooi Siang Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 3 Dr. Shamila  Azman Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 4 Dr. Mohamad Hidayat Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 5 Dr. The Hee Min Universiti Teknologi...

Profiles of MARE PhD students

MARE PhD students as of the fall 2021     Name of the student, year Supervisor Thesis title Partner 1 Nursahliza Binti Muhamat Yain, 2018-22 Prof. Adi Maimun Diverter Effect on Vertical Axis Current Turbine Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 2 Khor Wei Han, 2019-22...

MARE research framework – the questionnaire

The name of the partner organisation: Insstitute of Oceanography and Environment, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu Contact person and e-mail address: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Fadzil Mohd Akhir, Departments or other academic units at your organisation...

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