Biodiversity Race May 2021

What? When? Where? Join the Biodiversity Race (May 17th – May 23rd, 2021)!

During the week leading up to the International Day for Biodiversity we are hosting a BioBlitz event in Bremen! What is a BioBlitz about, you ask? Well, a BioBlitz is all about recording as many observations of plants, insects, and other interesting organisms within a limited amount of time. In the coming week, let’s go explore the biodiversity in gardens, local parks, or the university campus (sticking to the corona regulations, of course)! Next to just being fun, the collected data can also help inform us about the state of local biodiversity and plan measurements for its conservation.

Everybody can participate! We will be using the smartphone app iNaturalist for sharing observations. Here, if you are having trouble identifying a species, other community members can come to the rescue. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or just out on a walk and feeling curious, the Biodiversity Race is for everyone.

To spice things up a little, we will be competing in two teams: Students at Uni Bremen vs. Staff members and people from outside the Uni. Which group will identify more plant and insect species? Beyond that, we will be giving out prices to some of the top individual explorers (See below for details)!

Picture Challenge

Did you take a picture that’s just that pretty? Want to win a price for it? Just post it on twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #BiodiversityRace, and tag us in your post (Instagram @nub_naturschutz, Twitter @BioDivUniBremen)! The picture challenge is all about capturing the beauty of biodiversity.


In each of the two categories (most species captured and best picture), the top three contestants will win a price:

1st Place: One-year membership at the NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union)

2nd Place: Der große Kosmos-Naturführer Tiere und Pflanzen (In German)

3rd Place:  A pack of seed balls, for helping biodiversity in your street!

Want to join? Here is how!

  1. Register in iNaturalist (can be used both within your computer’s browser or as an app on your smartphone) and join the Biodiversity Race Bremen using the following link:
  2. What team are you on? Either join the “Studierende” (Students) or “Mitarbeiter & Externe” (staff members and people from outside Uni Bremen)!
  3. Take a walk! Shoot pictures of plants and animals and upload your discoveries to the platform. The app is super easy to use, but if you need any help, HERE is a step-by-step . guide (Link einfügen).

Talking Biodiversity

Come join us for an online biodiversity-talk on May 25th! Here we will announce the winners of the Biodiversity Race and present a few short talks on urban nature and the biodiversity on campus. Save the date:

May 25th 2021

5pm to 6pm

Get access to the zoom Link

Wanna do more?

Start using iNaturalist today and keep using it after the event! You could, for example, join our CITIZEN SCIENCE PROJECT and, together with others, explore the biodiversity on campus.


Questions? Feedback? Want to help making projects like the BioBlitz happen? Send us a MESSAGE and let’s chat!