29 Aug

Starting a new journey: choosing tools

Wow, didn’t expect that I would have to dig into CakePHP. There are all these nice Single Page Apps and Node.js discussions running, but because of a project which has been developed in PHP/CakePHP over the past two years I herewith wholeheartedly jump into CakePHP to create some interesting experiments for draufhaber.tv.

First things first: choose some tools

To make everything exciting, I will learn a few new tools on the way.

Editor: ok, I will test Coda. If I feel unhappy with Coda, I will battle it out between NetBeans, TextMate 2 alpha (long time favorite), Espresso and Sublime Text 2.

Database: doing PHP, MySQL is obviously the default database. I am tempted to have a look at MongoDB, but for now I try to make things easy for the starting. So, there is always phpAdmin, but I think I will try to give MySQLWorkbench a good look. After all, it looks a bit like beloved EOModeler.

Test Deployment: doing this on a Mac, MAMP seems a good choice to run Apache, MySQL and PHP on a local install, duh! Cloud9 also looks promising, but I guess our deployment setup it way to complicated and custom for this.

Code Versioning: that’s a no-brainer. Will host on GitHub.

Let’s start…

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